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If you are ready to transform the exterior of your home, we can deliver exactly what you want. Allied Remodeling is a siding contractor for Central Maryland residents. We offer perfectly installed siding that is beautiful, durable, and improves your home’s energy efficiency.

A great product is a wonderful start, but not enough. Installation needs to be perfect. Look for a siding contractor that is proven to be experienced and accountable.

With Allied Remodeling, you don’t pay a dime until the job is complete. No games and no gimmicks.

Perfect Installation — Amazing Warranty Protection

Installing new siding is a great opportunity to make your home more energy efficient. You can save money every month by installing a radiant barrier. This is what Allied Remodeling will install as the first layer under your siding. It reflects radiant heat which will significantly cut down on the heat transfer and lessen the burden on your air conditioner during hot days.

We refuse to use scrap pieces to finish your siding installation. It is common practice with other contractors to do this to cut down on costs. Squeezing this little bit of extra profit is not worth it to us, because it makes for an uglier installation, with extra seams that do not need to be there.

Our experienced crews are strictly trained on the proper technique for nailing in siding. Other siding companies often use inexperienced sub-contractors who don’t understand that nailing siding too tightly will cause problems including bending and even cracking. It looks terrible and does not hold up over time.

Allied Remodeling does everything the right way with superior product, the best quality installation, and real warranty protection — and it is all backed up by our accountability policy: “no deposit, no payment” until the job is complete.

For siding installation in Central Maryland, Alled Remodeling installs siding manufactured by CertainTeed. We feel this gives our customers the most quality at a reasonable price.

Superior Products and Protection

  • Higher Quality Standard Control: It starts at the very beginning, with a more demanding manufacturing process. Every manufacturer has what are known as “manufacturing tolerances.” For any product there is a certain amount of leeway from absolute perfection that is allowable. CertainTeed has very tight tolerances, meaning their quality control is superior.
  • CertainTeed Looks Better: If you are considering different kinds of siding, we encourage you to compare CertainTeed to any other siding. For example, the CertainTeed wood grain look is more natural looking. And all the siding we offer has a richer, more lustrous appearance. It is a subtle difference, but noticeable when you compare others. It is also advantageous that CertainTeed comes in longer panels. Instead of the typical 12′ panel, they also offer 16′ and 24′ lengths. This allows us to eliminate up to 40% of seams, providing a smoother appearance, especially up close.
  • Wide Selection: In our opinion, other major siding manufacturers don’t have a vast selection. Allied Remodeling believes having the maximum choice benefits the homeowner, and CertainTeed exceeds the typical selection offered by most manufacturers.
  • CertainTeed’s Exclusive Stud Finder System: CertainTeed’s siding installation process includes a special “Stud Finder” System that ensures every stud is used when installing your siding. Other installation methods are hit or miss when it comes to finding every stud. Not using every stud as an attachment point can weaken the overall durability of the installation.
  • Great Product Warranty: Of course, when you do everything right, you can also afford to stand behind the product – in writing with a real warranty. CertainTeed does just that, with a great Lifetime Warranty. We are completely transparent.

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