For Tens of Thousands of Maryland Customers

Never Compromise Quality

Some said we were crazy to not take deposits. But, it’s about integrity – we don’t take a dime until the job is complete. The entire company knows that our business and reputation ride on getting jobs done right the first time. When you are fronting all the labor and materials, you can’t afford to not get it right.

Others said people wouldn’t pay a little bit more for the best quality. People won’t stand for outrageous prices (and rightfully so), but they will pay a little more if they know it will last longer, look better, and the whole installation process will be stress-free. Allied Remodeling’s tens of thousands of happy customers tells us: people are willing to pay a bit more for the best.

We heard we shouldn’t give customers cell phone numbers and tell them to call anytime, day or night, with a question, comment, or complaint about their project. Customers do call at odd times sometimes, but that’s just fine. If it is good comments, we’re always glad to hear it. If it is an issue or questions, why not take care of it immediately?

Most everyone in the industry offers a 1 or 5 year labor warranty. We, however, match the manufacturer warranty. If it is lifetime, so is our labor warranty.

A Healthy Business And Grateful Customers

Our customers are happy, because they have a home improvement company in Central Maryland that is completely accountable and delivers best quality results with real promises to back it up.

Our employees are happy because we can pay them better, based on their higher level of skill and experience (and they also know we expect more).

And the owners are happy too, because these long-term values have made Allied Remodeling one of the most successful home improvement companies in Central Maryland.

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