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Roofing Experience Matters

Finding a PROVEN roofing company in central Maryland is the key to a stress-free roof replacement experience. Because your roof is crucial for the protection of your home, you need a roofing contractor that always does the job right the first time. Always look for experience and real promises.

We’ve replaced tens of thousands of roofs in the Baltimore and Washington area and we have fine-tuned the perfect formula for a worry-free experience.

We use the best products, premium installation crews, real warranties… and you get the best results.

Warranties You Can Trust.
Always Up-Front. Always In Writing.

Our policy: customers should have access to a copy of the product warranty in writing BEFORE you make any final decision. It should also be clear what is covered and what is not. This is why you can visit our Warranties page to see the actual warranties we offer.

Even if you have an outstanding product warranty, there is a “loophole” with many roofing companies. This is because a defect in the product itself is covered, but anything that happens because of poor installation is NOT covered. Allied Remodeling doesn’t think that is right, so we have closed this loophole. We give you a labor warranty that matches the length of the product warranty. If the product is covered for a lifetime, so is the labor.

Please note that different roofing materials come with different warranties – we can explain the details of each choice and then let you decide what you are most comfortable with.

At Allied Remodeling, we are careful about what products we recommend. Since we always stand behind our work with real promises, we can’t afford to use inferior products. We seek out the manufacturers that have built a reputation over the long haul. In roofing materials, that’s CertainTeed.

The BEST Roofing Products on the Market

  • Continuity and Reliability: CertainTeed has been around for more than 100 years and they stand behind their products. In an industry that sees companies come and go, we prefer a manufacturer that has tremendous staying power.
  • Almost ZERO Warranty Claims: We have installed tens of thousands of CertainTeed roofs over 18+ years and we have had 2 warranty claims involving CertainTeed. That’s 2 out of tens of thousands of roof replacements in Rockville, Silver Spring, Bowie, and beyond. And their responsiveness on those 2 claims was amazing. Everything was fully taken care of and made right, and of course not a dime was charged to the customer.
  • Warranty That Covers Aesthetic Defects: CertainTeed warranties aesthetic defects in their shingles. Most other manufacturers will not replace discolored shingles unless something is wrong with the integrity of the shingle itself. CertainTeed will cover shingles even if it is only an aesthetic defect.
  • Transparent: CertainTeed also makes it a policy to publish the weight of their products, and when it comes to roofing, heavier means more durable. By being transparent with this data, CertainTeed allows us to help the homeowner make a more informed choice about roof replacement.

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