Perhaps you’ve noticed missing shingles, weak spots, or even sunlight seeping into your attic. These issues could indicate that you need minor roof repairs, or perhaps you need an entirely new roof. If you are unsure whether you need a roof replacement in Silver Spring, use the following list to help you determine the extent of your home’s roofing issues.

Old Age

If you are able to get up on your roof and walk around and you feel areas that are somewhat soft or feel like they give slightly under your feet, that is a sign that you have weak spots that will need to be looked at. Those weak spots may be due to undetected leaks or other issues that could lead to you needing a roof replacement.

Weak Spots

Moisture causes mold, and if you have a leaky roof, you need roof replacement in Bowie to remediate the fungus’ breeding ground. Even though you have several layers of protection from your roof, these barriers can become damaged by the elements and/or break down over time. All it takes is a pin-sized breach in the roof deck, water shield, underlayment, shingle starter strips, shingles and flashing to allow moisture into your drywall and, voila, you have the unsafe growth.

Peaking Sunlight

If you can see sunlight peeking through the roof boards in your attic, you need to call a professional. There could be a major leak or open space in your shingles, which could ruin the insulation or cause significant damage to your roof boards or your home’s interior.

If you are uncertain whether you need minor repairs or need a roof replacement in Silver Spring, make sure to locate a roofing professional who can look at your issues can help you determine what you need to keep your home safe, preserved, and secure.

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