One of the best ways to make a home more energy efficient is to install new windows. There are many options when choosing replacements, but there’s only one type that are virtually maintenance free and will last indefinitely: vinyl. Allied Remodeling has been installing new vinyl windows in Annapolis homes for over two decades because of their efficiency, durability and warranty.

The Most Durable Construction

Unlike traditional wood or aluminum windows, vinyl can last a lifetime. It is the nature of wood to split and wear over time, meaning windows made of this material will eventually require replacing in addition to yearly maintenance. Aluminum will discolor over time, and is also susceptible to dents. Windows are exposed to all kinds of weather, from beating sun to below-freezing temperatures. Those conditions will take a toll on all but the most durable materials. Vinyl windows are built to withstand variations in temperature as well as moisture and stay looking great and working efficiently. Additionally, they can handle a few bumps without showing wear.

The Warranty Says It All

When considering replacement windows, warranty is a key factor. A long-lasting product can mean the difference between a decades or more of longevity. Vinyl products are built to last the lifetime of a home and should come with the warranty to prove it! Some companies offer shorter contracts and usually no more than a one-year labor guarantee.

A full lifetime product warranty offers peace of mind and the assurance that, once professionally and properly installed, the windows will never need replacing. When a manufacturer’s warranty is combined with a lifetime labor warranty, purchasing new windows is a decision that needs to be made only once.

Investing in replacement windows can pay off in beauty as well as efficiency. Consider a professional with vast experience, such as Allied Remodeling, when shopping for vinyl windows in Annapolis. Once installed, the durable, beautiful product will speak for itself.