Are you starting a new roofing project? As you get into a groove with a roofing contractor, you may hear some odd things come out of his or her mouth. Don’t let the jargon associated with roofers scare you away from a necessary home improvement. Below is an explanation for some common, odd-sounding words you may hear on the project site:

  • Tear Off: Hearing your roofer talk about doing a tear off on your roof may sound scary, but you shouldn’t worry. A tear off is simply a removal of all roofing materials down to the roof deck. This practice is often necessary to make sure there are no underlying issues with your roof.
  • Rake: If your roofing contractor, starts talking about the rake of your roof, he’s likely not talking about the gardening tool. Instead, rake refers to the inclined part of your roof’s overhang.
  • Edge Metal: This term is reminiscent of hardcore music, but it actually has to do with your roof. You can choose to have extruded metal installed around the perimeter of your roof to provide extra protection. When you do, it’s referred to as edge metal.
  • Sheathing: Sheathing may sound like a medieval term for putting away a weapon, but that’s not quite the meaning it has when your roofer says it. Your roofer is actually talking about the material used as a protective covering. Sheathing is often one of the first layers of a roofing system designed to protect the roof deck and rafters from water damage.

Working with a roofing contractor in Maryland, can make your home improvement project a little easier, but it can also lead to some confusion. If you hear your roofer say something strange, don’t be afraid to ask for some clarification. Your contractor likely doesn’t expect you to be an expert on roofing or you wouldn’t have called.

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